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Title: Online/remote architects?
Post by: Baibua on April 02, 2024, 08:03:07 am
We hired a local architect to draw up plans for an addition. Despite the design process taking a really long time, we had a great experience, were happy with the plans, and ready to move forward. Issues came up that delayed start on construction and in that time we realized we are probably overbuilding our house. We’d like to scale back the plans but our architect is having health issues and can’t revise our drawings.

We live in a small rural town and I’ve exhausted every connection we have to find another architect. Local architects are all maxed out and not taking clients. I googled “residential architects” within a 2 hour radius and sent messages to everyone that seemed to do smaller projects. No responses.

Would it be insane to find an architect to do this job remotely? If not insane, how do I find a qualified architect like this? We have all the measurements and drawings of our current home in a PDF. And I know exactly what I want changed in the current design.

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Title: Re: Online/remote architects?
Post by: Zeeiew on April 03, 2024, 03:45:33 am
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